You can ACCOMPLISH great things by NEVER GIVING UP


Can I vent for a sec…..

A lot have said I’m an inspiration, they look up to me, that they want my determination. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a blessing to hear.
BUT I wasn’t who I am today. I got kicked out of school, got high, wanted the next party, until I had kids then my addictions turned to cigarettes and games….. oh and FOOD!
I was SO NEGATIVE, I played myself a victim.
Until I made a decision, until I set a goal, until I took one step forward that led to a lifestyle change.
Lost 100lbs
Found God
Stayed active during last pregnancy but treated myself
Let’s just say each and everyday I work on myself and help others. It was NOT EASY for me! I had to work my butt off, I had to let go of excuses and lead by example.
You can become what you want, accomplish what you want but it first starts by believing in yourself, letting go of excuses and taking action.
Join our lifestyle group and join us in focusing on goals in faith, family, fitness and finances!
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