If the Christmas cheer is overtaking you, and you’re left feeling sluggish, then you need some essential oils from Aromatherapy Associates in your life. Their bath oils are the absolute gold standard for relax and revive.  And they make wonderful gifts too. The winter garden packaging this season, a delicate turquoise and gold, sets out to evoke the beauty of the English country garden at this time of year. Up early, and home late, I’m not getting to see much of mine during the working week, but Aromatherapy Associates aims to give busy folk ‘time to stop and find balance in their busy lives”.

My pick for gifting this Christmas is the spangly ‘Star Jewels’ (£34 for 3 x 9ml oils, and some wonderful festive wrapping). It includes three of their most popular Bath and Shower Oils in 9ml bottles:

-Deep Relax: a blend of vertivert, camomile and sandalwood for a peaceful night’s sleep.

-De-Stress Mind: for getting your post-party brain in gear.

-Revive Morning: a grapefruit, rosemary and juniper pick-me-up.

As the name suggests, all are suitable for the bath and shower, but the relax oil is best for when you want to go hippo and have a good restorative wallow.


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