People who are trying to lose weight today have way more options when it comes to diet shakes than they had a few years back. The quality of diet shakes in the market today is also considerably better compared to previous years. That said, all diet shakes are not the same and there are some that are more effective than others.

Among the multitude of shakes in the market today are the Quest and 310 shakes. So which of these two is a better choice? If after doing your research you are down to these two, below is a detailed review that will make it easy for you to choose and determine which shake will work great for your weight loss.  

Nutrients Profile 

A scoop of the Quest protein powder comes with 23 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbohydrates, and less than one gram of sugar. Whey protein forms the bulk of the Quest protein powder. The shake comes with cocoa and a serving delivers a few essential minerals.  

A serving of the 310 shake contains 15 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 5 grams of fiber. The shake powder is also enriched with over 20 essential minerals and vitamins. 

The 310 shake is made of a tri-plex blend of protein. This includes pea, brown rice, and hemp protein. The shake also comes with no sugar and zero cholesterol. 

Calorie Content 

The Quest protein powder is low in calories. If you mix your shake with water, a single shake will contain about 110 calories. This is quite low considering the amount of protein packed in every shake. 

A serving of the 310 shake contains 90 calories. This is slightly lower than the Quest shake. Going by the calorie content, the 310 shake is a better choice because it is lower in calories. 

Protein Content/Quality 

A scoop of the Quest powder has 23 grams of protein which is quite high. Since the shake is high in protein, it is safe to say that it is quite filling and will provide adequate energy to keep the body going for a few hours. 

While the high protein content in the Quest powder is a plus, the powder is not easy to digest especially if you are lactose intolerant or have a sensitive stomach. It does not help that the shake comes without digestive enzymes that are added to protein powders and diet shakes that are rich in milk protein. The powder also comes with only 2 grams of fiber which is quite low.  

A serving of the 310 shake contains 15 grams of protein. Though this amount is adequate, it is much lower than the Quest powder. Fortunately, the 310 shake is high in fiber and comes with appetite suppressors that work to keep the hunger pangs away. The plant-based proteins are also easy on the stomach and quite easy to digest. 

If you are looking to build muscle, a Quest shake will deliver the high protein your body requires to build and repair muscle cells. If you are looking to lose weight, the 310 shake is a better choice as it offers a great balance of the nutrients that promote weight loss. This is in addition to the fact that it is also low in calories. 

Sugar, Gluten, and Artificial Ingredients 

The Quest powder is free of soy and gluten. It is also considerably low in sugar. It is generally healthy and comes with minimal junk.  

The Quest protein powder comes without any artificial flavors. It is, however, sweetened using Splenda, an artificial sweetener. At less than one gram the sugar content is quite low. 

The 310 shake is also gluten and soy free. It is also free of cholesterol and sugar. The shake is naturally sweetened using stevia. 


The Quest powder does not result in a great-tasting shake. This is possibly because the company has concentrated in making this powder ideal for baking. If you want to enjoy your Quest shake, you have to incorporate fruits and vegetables to enhance the taste. Also, use milk in place of water to make a creamy shake. 

The 310 shakes really shine in the taste department. Many users like the taste even when the shake powder is mixed with water.  


A scoop of the Quest protein powder comes to slightly over one dollar. The powder is quite affordable and works great for people looking for a protein powder that will result in high-protein diet shakes. 

A serving of the 310 shake is about 2.5 dollars. Though a bit pricey, it is nourishing and better in quality. It also works great for weight loss, unlike the Quest powder that is designed with people looking to build muscle mass in mind.

Posted by Gabriel Jhon