Part 3- 37 weeks & no pregnancy stretchmarks!


Understanding the natural functions of your skin
Part 3

It’s funny how becoming a new Mum can skew your perspective in the weirdest, most primitive way. I have always been a fairly pragmatic person who approaches things practically and level-headedly (which might have developed as a counter balance to having a chaotic Mother) but this week I have succumbed to the paranoia that being pregnant and worrying about your baby undoubtedly brings.

At Monday’s midwife appointment I was told that my baby was measuring no bigger than two weeks previously and was demonstrating 2 weeks of static growth. A growth scan is scheduled to check that he is growing properly.
Me to myself- “Why might he be small?” “Am I not eating enough? Do I need to eat more?” “Am I doing something wrong?”
Thursday- Growth scan completed and Sonographer says “Your baby is weighing approx 8lbs.5oz so far (37weeks) but his abdomen circumference is above the 97th centile which is quite an exaggerated reading so it’s best to go to hospital to see the Doctor to get this checked out”.
Me to myself “So he is not small?” “Why is his belly so big?” “Is there a blockage?” (googling commences) (cry for a bit) (stop crying) “But I’ve been so healthy so it can’t be related to diabetes and my glucose levels…maybe there’s something wrong with him?” (bit more crying).
So last night I sat in my local hospital for over an hour waiting to see the Doctor. The Doctor looks at my notes, decides nothing is wrong and asks why I was scanned in the first place! I explained that it was suspected he hadn’t grown for 2 weeks but she explained that he is lying diagonally and as a result his tummy was probably just squished which is why his abdominal reading was so exaggerated.
So there was no need to worry and I told myself that it was better to be safe than sorry whilst trying to suppress my usual irritability about the waste of my emotional time (I can’t help it 😉  I don’t overreact easily but  I am beginning to realise that as a new Mother your hormones are very much in charge regardless if your usual perspective is calm and collective- nature’s call is strong!
It turns out my babies measurements are at the top of the chart for this stage of his gestation, so we discussed how I will prepare for having a big baby (not a small baby after all) as it’s likely he will come out at around 10lbs or so. If you remember from Part 1of this blog’s series, I explained that huge babies are historical in my family and the severe pregnancy stretchmarks that my Mum suffered from birthing my sister and I had led me to believe that I would genetically suffer the same fate during my pregnancy. However in Part 2 you may have read that my experiment on myself has worked, due to understanding how the skin naturally functions and my belief in applying certain products to the skin to boost its natural elasticity and suppleness.
At 37 weeks, with new evidence that my baby will be a biggie, I am thrilled that my pregnant (very round) belly is still stretchmark free. By using Natalia Anti Stretch Butter and practising good skin nutrition strictly for as long as possible, I’m fairly sure your belly could be pregnancy stretchmark free too.

I’m on maternity leave as of today, so I’ll be signing off for now. Back to work in July, and I’ll be sharing with you how using only natural skincare ingredients on my baby’s skin such as Natalia Baby Special Skin Balm which can help to avoid nappy rash, dryness and irritation.
I hope this blog series has helped persuade you that natural is better when it comes to skincare! And that damage to your skin really is avoidable if you use the correct products.
Take care!