Part 1- Hoping to Avoid Pregnancy Stretch-marks


A Brief Education on the Skin

Part 1.

Love Your Lines Campaign

 There was a great Social Media campaign doing the rounds in April of this year, called “Love your Lines”, a triumphant “up-yours” to the usual photo-shopped and airbrushed pictures of slim models with ageless skin that we are continuously exposed to via the media. The Love your Lines campaign featured a number of brave women who “embraced their stripes like Tigers” and posted pictures of their stretch-marks, on thighs, bums and tums, in hope of spreading the wider message that we are all only human.

“Owning and not being ashamed of the marks on your skin is an important step towards greater self-confidence”

Campaigns which move against the mainstream and embrace our humanity are to be celebrated, in a time when cases of eating disorders amongst teenagers has sadly doubled in the last three years- maybe due to their over exposure of the false perfection they see online.
Owning and not being ashamed of the marks on your skin is an important step towards greater self-confidence, which in turn can bring a positive perspective and greater enrichment to your relationships. However, I’m sure we could all also admit that if we are able to avoid stretch-marks from occurring, then this would be no bad thing!

It’s important to acknowledge that stretch-marks can occur genetically. My Mum tells me time and again that the stretch marks she has received are from birthing two enormous 11lb babies. So the likelihood that I could genetically be a candidate for pregnancy stretch-marks is high (hopefully not the likelihood that my baby will be 11lb).
So far at 28 weeks pregnant I’ve remained stretch mark free. However, I’ve read that stretching most regularly occurs at 27 weeks, so I’m running a little experiment on myself to see if the daily routine that I have practiced religiously for 15 years will bring me some stretch-mark free results.

Avoiding pregnancy stretchmarks naturally

My belly at 28 weeks pregnant.

I developed this routine 15 years ago as I began my career within the skincare industry. In the early years when I worked as a brand educator, I needed to be knowledgeable in the specifics of the formulation of skincare products, which required regular training in skincare product pharmacology directly from the chemists themselves. The perspective of natural skincare within the skincare industry made so much sense to me that 15 years later I am still working within this sector and from the age of 21 to 36 as a ritual every day I have applied plant based butters and oils to my entire body and face after the bath and shower. I kid you not! My eye cream, cleanser, night cream, moisturiser, shower and body products have always been made strictly of 100% plant ingredients. I read labels religiously and never use a product which is not clean in formulation and free from synthetics (I stop short at deodorant. Natural deodorants just do not seem to cut the mustard.)
In Part 2 of this blog I am going to share with you some very simple information which may result in better skin condition and perhaps help the prevention of pregnancy stretch marks and less rapid skin ageing. Please note- optimum skin condition is something which is not achieved overnight, but over a period of time, which respects the skins natural 28 day renewal cycle. I would also like to acknowledge that hormonal changes in a woman’s body result in skin ageing, and there’s not much that can be done about this after a certain time. But if you begin the right skincare routine early enough, and keep it up, you will likely be providing the skin with enough nutrition to defend itself against free radical inflammation at cellular level, whilst boosting its ability for cellular regeneration, helping it to help you when you need it most.

Coming up in Part 2:
1. Effective cellular moisturisation (not as simple as it sounds)
2. Cellular inflammation prevention which occurs by;
A) Free radical defence
B) Anti- oxidant application

In the meantime, you can make a start in the correct application of moisturiser in pregnancy by using one of either of the two high quality, natural anti-stretch products made by Natalia; Prenatal Anti Stretch Oil, rich in Avocado and Centella Oils, and Prenatal Anti Stretch Butter, for dryer skin with Avocado and Centella oils blended with a base fair trade Shea Butter.

Anti Stretch avocado copy

Natalia Prenatal Anti Stretch Oil 100ml £18.50

See you next time!