Coming up roses for Valentine's Day

An ancient symbol of love and beauty, many ‘live’ roses smell delicious and delicate. But that balance can be lost with distilling and bottling. The magic goes and, all too often, rose ‘in a jar’ is more scented drawer liner...

/ October 5, 2017

Sunshine is Forever

SUNSHINE IS FOREVER by Kyle T. Cowan is about a boy named Hunter who was pretty serious depression. Hunter is sent to a camp for depressed teenagers because his parents can no longer put up with him. They are still...

/ October 4, 2017

Tress-Essential Elements

1. Vitamin A/Beta-Carotene Vitamin A helps keep scalp and hair cells healthy and produces sebum (an oil) in the scalp. A sebum deficiency can cause dandruff, and excess vitamin A (through supplements) can cause hair loss. Find vitamin A in:...

/ October 4, 2017

Gladrags opens new shop specialising in beauty

The owners of Gladrags on the High Street launched a new business venture on Saturday, February 18. Gladtanz & Beauty is a sunbed and beauty shop offering a range of treatments. Owned by Alberto Costa and his partner Sylvia Smith,...

/ October 4, 2017

Tonight’s healthy recipe: Moroccan braised winter squash with couscous

January 24, 2017 To American palates, few cuisines taste as brilliantly exotic as Moroccan cuisine. The flavors of this small country on Africa’s Mediterranean Coast are influenced by the rich cultures of North Africa, as well as Arabia, Spain and...

/ October 4, 2017

Odd & True

ODD & TRUE is the story --- and history --- of two sisters, Odette and Trudchen Grey, set in the year 1909. After a two-year disappearance, Odette (Od) turns up on the night of Trudchen’s (Tru) fifteenth birthday knocking on...

/ October 3, 2017

SPF 50+ Dry Touch Lotion Pump 500ml

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/ October 3, 2017

Stuff We Love – Winter 2016

A roundup of the latest must-have finds for hair, skin, health, beauty and more. These products are worth every cent. Read More

/ October 3, 2017

Why are nourishing oils so important to supple, glowing skin?

It's that time of the year again when our skin needs some extra TLC as the autumn days get cooler and nights draw in. As you get older it is ever more important to keep protecting your skin...

/ October 3, 2017

B is for, well, bee

The bee’s knees. Bee beautiful. Beauty and the bees. Bees lend themselves to puns, and headlines. And the beauty pages were full of them a few years ago when the Duchess of Cambridge was rumoured to be having bee venom...

/ October 3, 2017