310 Shakes Are Some of the Best Meal Replacement Shakes Because They Are Dairy-free

Think back to when you were a child. Your parents probably encouraged you to drink a tall glass of milk with each meal. Now that you are an adult and your needs have changed, you may be thinking of reducing the amount of dairy in your diet. A good place to start is with your meal replacement shakes. 310 shakes are dairy-free.  


Why Should You Consume Less Dairy?  

If you are lactose intolerant, dairy products can make you ill. Even if you only have a mild sensitivity, dairy can affect your digestive system. You may also be prone to headaches and skin problems. Another reason to avoid dairy is a vegan lifestyle. Perhaps you do not want to consume any products that come from animals.  

Dairy can interfere with your weight loss goals, too. You may not be aware of this, but lactose is a sugar. It may seem odd, but the lower the fat content in a glass of milk, the higher the sugar content. Sugar is not the healthiest substance, and it does not help you lose weight.  


Is Dairy Essential for Good Health?  

You do not need to consume dairy products to stay healthy. When your parents reminded you to drink your milk, they were thinking of the calcium in the milk. For strong bones and teeth, you do need calcium. It can even reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis as you grow older.  

However, dairy is not the only source of calcium. Depending on your diet and preferences, you can have plenty of calcium every day from other, healthier products.  

Two popular foods that are rich in calcium are canned salmon and sardines. A serving of canned salmon has nearly 1/4 of your daily requirement for calcium. In fact, there is more calcium in salmon than there is in milk. Sardines provide 32% of your day’s requirement for calcium. Along with the calcium, these foods provide healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.  

Dark green vegetables provide calcium. You can eat kale, spinach, turnip greens, and broccoli. These vegetables provide additional nutrients, and can be eaten plain or in a salad.  

From orange juice to cereals, you can find many products today that are fortified with calcium. You do not have to consume dairy products to keep your bones and teeth healthy.  

As you can enjoy many sources of calcium every day, you can avoid dairy in your meal replacement shakes. You can have good health and energy with 310 shakes made with plant-based proteins instead of dairy. The proteins in these shakes come from brown rice, pea, and hemp. Similar to other non-dairy sources of calcium, your shakes have many nutrients that are not found in dairy products.  


Should You Eliminate or Reduce Dairy?  

Unless you have an allergy to dairy products, dairy is not necessarily harmful. When you want good health and weight loss, though, it is wise to reduce the amount of dairy in your diet. You can have all the calcium you need, plus additional nutrients, from these non-dairy sources.  

If you are accustomed to drinking glasses of fresh milk, or a frosty milkshake is one of your favorite treats, 310 shakes can be the ideal alternative. You can leave milk as a fond reminder of your childhood, and choose a healthier drink instead.  

Dairy-free can be a new way of life. If you do not want to give it up entirely, you can continue to enjoy some cheese or a cup of plain yogurt. The decision is up to you.  

If you have not yet decided, try an experiment. The next time you want a dairy product, prepare one of the flavorful 310 shakes. You will love how it tastes, and the way it makes you feel. If you are concerned about your body’s need for calcium, you have plenty of dairy-free options. You can add any of the calcium-rich foods to your meals, and benefit from all the extra nutrition.  

Meal replacement shakes can be a real treat. You may be surprised to find that such a healthy shake tastes so delicious. Whether you decide to reduce or eliminate dairy products from your daily diet, you will have a nutritious alternative that you really like.